The Millett Family Tree
Marazion, Cornwall


The Millett family Tree

It seems to be Richard Oke Millett who instigated gathering together material associated with the Millett family in Cornwall. He drew up a family tree c 1889 and while it is not possible to be sure where this information came from, many of the family trees on the tree appear in the wonderfully name 'Collectanea Cornubiensa'. This collection of Cornish biographical data was produced by Groge Clement Boase and was printed in 1890.  Pages relevant to our family tree can be found here.

The breadth of the tree is vast so this website will stick with following our male family line back in time. I call this the Marazion Line as it is here that the trace runs out in the mid 17th Century. 

I think it will be fun, and add a bit of context, to include the monarchs and some noteable events in English history with each generation.

My version of the family tree is available on There is also a fabulous resource of Millett family information on Tony Millett's Website.  Tony, from New Zealand, has put in a lot of hard work into searching the Milletts of Bosavern and Marazion. If anyone is researching the Milletts then a visit to his website is a must.


  • 28 February 1919

    Revd Francis Henry Walter Millett

    Canon, Norwich Cathedral
    b. 28.2.1919
    Chingford, Essex
    m. 2.10.1948
    Anne-Marie Sundal of Oslo, Norway (8.9.1925)
    d. 11.5.2001.

  • 21 February 1879

    Charles Walter Millett A.M.I.Mech.E

    Mechanical Engineer
    b. 21.2.1879
    m. 9.12.1914
    Constance Mary (May) Cooke (1888-1970)
    d. 8.8.1942

  • 25 January 1837

    Charles Dewan Millett

    Bank Manager
    b. 25.1.1837
    m. 28-May-1925
    Frances Turner (1837-1925)
    d. 2.8.1911

  • 1 August 1809

    Honey Millett Snr >

    b. 1.8.1809 Penpoul [a]
    m. 24.11.1834
    Mary Ann Turner (4.11.1814)
    d. 14-Aug-1847 Liverpool 

  • 5 January 1771

    Revd John Curnow Millett

    b. 5.1.1771
    m1. Mary Thomas (1769 - 1801)
    m2. Mary Honey (b.21.1.1778 )
    d. 13-Jan-1848

  • 20 March 1749

    Revd. Richard Oke Millett

    b. 20 Mar 1749 of Marazion, Cornwall 
    m 3.4.1770 Penpoul, Phillack
    Jane Curnow (1742 - 1806) 
    d. 3-Sep-1832 

  • 6 August 1718

    Oke Millett

    b. 6 Aug 1718 Marazion, Cornwall
    m. 2.4.1746
    Mary Tyackle (1719 - 1782)
    d. 21 .11.1777

  • 1692

    Leonard Millett, Merchant,
    Mayor of Marazion 1721 

    b. 1692 Marazion, Cornwall, England 
    m. 8.6.1731 St Just in Penwith
    Grace (1708 - 1757)
    d. 1740

  • 1665

    Robert Millett

    b. 1665
    m. c 1694
    Margaret Oke (1673 - 1712)
    d. 1707

  • 1649

    Leonard Millett
    Mayor of Marazion 1675 & 1680

    (Wilmot Duntan)
    d. 1686

Collectanea Cornubiensia

This is a collection of biographical and topographical notes relating to the County of Cornwall. (George Clement Boase, printed 1890). 

The pages shown below are those of particular interest to Cornish Milletts everywhere.
Of particular note is the possible connection with our own family tree drawn up by R.O. Millett c1889. There are a number of possibilities. He obtained the information through this link from George Clement Boase, The flow of information might have been the other way round, or rather less romantically, he purchased the book!

As is often the case, when obtaining information from a number of different sources, it does throw up some discrepancies, but then that's genealogy for you. If you notice anything which you believe to be different then please let me know.



It is always nice to hear from other people researching the same Surname. I am not an expert on the Millett family name in fact we could probably teach each other something!