1718 – 1777 Oke Millett

Oke Millett was born in Marazion, Cornwall, on 6 August 1718 to Robert Millett and Margaret Oke. He was baptised on 23rd August 1719 in the parish of St. Hilary. 

On 26th November 1736, at the age of 18, Oke paid an Apprentice Indenture to Mr Anthony Mead to train as a felt maker. [1] In a codicil to his father Leonard’s will, the following item was added: “That my wife shall have the house I now live in in Marazion during her life and tis my desire that my son Oak (sic) Millett after his apprenticeship is expired shod move home and live in friendship with his mother and live with her therein.” [2]

Oke was appointed Mayor of Marazion four times; 1751, 1759, 1760 and 1766.


Oke’s first marriage was to Elizabeth Pharish (1723–1745) on 7th Feb. 1743 in the parish of St. Hilary which lies adjacent to Marazion to the north.  Elizabeth tragically died on 15th Apr 1745.


Oke’s second marriage was to Mary Tyack (1719–1782) which took place on 2nd April 1746 in the parish church of Germoe, about 6 miles east of Marazion.


Oke died suddenly in 1777 and was buried at St. Hilary on 21st November of that year aged 58.

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