1590 – 1631 Leonard Millett

Mayflower 1620

Leonard Millett c1590 – 1631

Leonard, son of Peter Millett, was born around 1590, though we cannot be sure.  He was a merchant living in Marazion.   Leonard’s spouse is unknown, but we do know he had 4 children.


Leonard died about 1631.

The 1590s was the decade of Queen Elizabeth I and in which Oliver Cromwell died. England was in the midst of the Anglo-Spanish war. In Cornwall, Spanish forces sacked and burned Penzance and Newlyn, as well as other villages in the area.

Picture: A painting by William Halsall of the Mayflower, which carried colonists to the new world in 1620 (Image: Pilgrim Hall Museum/Wikimedia Commons). After the Mayflower had departed from Plymouth on 16 September 1620, it is thought the ship weighed anchor in England for a final time. This stop was Old Newlyn Bay in Cornwall.